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Our members are very important to us. Making sure their experience is the best possible is of the utmost importance. To accomplish this, we provide the very best customer service possible.

If you need assistance regarding a merchant purchase, rebate confirmation, payout request or need other customer service related questions answered, you may contact us using this convenient Online Form or by using the contact information that follows:

Billing Customer Service
Toll-Free (866) 204 - 2660
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST

Benefit Customer Service
Toll-Free (800) 939 - 0140
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST


Terms & Conditions
Click here to review the current Terms & Conditions associated with this program.

Payout Requests or Account Transfer Request
If your account and access to this website was cancelled and you have earned rebates that you would still like to have paid out to you, please complete this Online Form and select 'Payout Question' as the primary subject. This method of requesting a payout of your remaining rebate balance should only be done if you were not able to successfully login to this club website to access your Rebate Account because you either cancelled your membership or it was cancelled because any membership charges, if applicable, were not able to be successfully processed. You will be able to still request a payout and receive any Available Funds within 30 days of any account expiration or cancellation, loaded on to an existing Prepaid Visa Card and mailed to you within 2 weeks of a Payout Request, subject to having these funds available. Any unclaimed funds after 30 days of account expiration or cancellation will be forfeit.

Privacy Policy: Information Collection and Use - The Savings Advantage Club, the operator of this rebate program and its affiliates are the only parties to have access to customer information. The information collected at this site will not be available for sale, share or rent to outside parties. When making a purchase or conducting any other transaction at your choice of merchants or other providers, please take note of the specific Privacy Policy, Return Policy and other terms and conditions for each respective merchant/provider.


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