Earn Rebates

The Savings Advantage Club provides users with the unique opportunity to earn the very highest rebate payouts available for purchases made at hundreds of major online retailers and other merchant providers.

Imagine being able to earn up to 35% of the total purchase in the form of a rebate when getting the products and services that you want, even from leading brand providers that you most likely already shop at.

Every purchase you make at your choice of available online retailers and other providers will earn you a valuable cash rebate that is accumulated until a minimum of $25 in total rebates is earned. At that point or anytime thereafter during your access to this exceptional rebate program you may elect to have your earned rebates sent to you in the form of a Prepaid Visa Card, without any surcharges.

Due to the extreme popularity and value of this program, users are able to earn and receive up to the face value amount listed on the actual Rebate Certificate that has been redeemed which is stated at $3,000 for the entire year.

It is important to review the 'How It Works', 'FAQs' and 'Terms & Conditions' to learn more about this program.

As a member, once you earn and accumulate a minimum of $25 in rebates, you are eligible to receive your rebates in the form of a Prepaid Visa Card that can be used to pay for purchases wherever Visa is accepted, including visiting an ATM machine to withdraw cash, subject to the terms and conditions of the actual Visa Card.

Additional rebates earned will be able to be loaded onto the same Visa Card at anytime for easy access to your earned rebates when you want.

Why not earn rebates for the purchases you want or need to make?


After logging into this website using your assigned Rebate Account Number and chosen Password, you will be able to click on any category that you want, to view the available merchants within that category. Simply select one of those merchants by following the instructions and clicking on the 'Visit Merchant' icon that will take you to the actual merchant's website where you will be able to shop and earn the specified rebate amount.

Example Purchase:

- Purchase clothes for $200 from listed merchant.
- Receive 10% rebate (actual % varies by merchant)
- You earn $20 available to be loaded onto your Prepaid Visa Card